Today’s topic is, How to become a Forensic Doctor? In today’s time, there is a lot of competition going on, everyone wants to do a good job or business, some want to become an engineer, some want to become a doctor, in such a situation there are many people who want to become forensic doctors. But do you know how to become a forensic doctor?

So, today through this post we will tell you how to become a forensic doctor, what qualification is required to become a forensic doctor, what is their salary, and many other topics. To get answers to all your questions, read this post till the end.

Eligibility to become a forensic doctor :

To become a forensic doctor, one must pass 12th with Biology subject with at least 60% to 75% marks. It is mandatory to complete graduation from Forensic Science course.

To do MSc, graduation should be completed from BSc in Forensic Science. It is necessary to complete an internship course of 1 year or 6 months.

How to become a forensic doctor?

At present to become Forensic Doctor –

Forensic Science courses are available in many colleges. After completing 12th, you can become a forensic doctor by doing a diploma or degree course in Forensic Science.

If you have completed graduation from Bsc Forensic Science after 12th Biology then you can become a Forensic Doctor. If you want, after graduation you can also do Master in Msc in Forensic Science and Criminology.

The steps to become a forensic doctor are as follows –

1. Pass 10+2 with Biology subject: To become a forensic doctor, it is necessary to pass 12th Biology subject. If you pass 12th with good marks then you can get admission in college through merit list. Must have passed 12th with at least 60% to 75% marks in Biology subject. After 12th, you can apply for the exam for admission to forensic course.

2. Complete graduation in Forensic Science: After passing 12th with Biology subject, you can do degree or diploma course. Many colleges and universities offer diploma and degree courses.

To do BSc in Forensic Science, it is mandatory to pass 12th with 60% marks. To become a forensic doctor, you have to complete courses like BSc in Forensic Science or BSc in Forensic and Criminology, MBBS then MD in Forensic Science.

Along with this, after 12th you can do ForensicCan do any course in Science. For admission in these courses you have to qualify the entrance exam. Only after this you can study in these courses, all these courses are of 3 to 4 years duration. In Forensic Science, along with Human Anatomy and Physiology and written training, practice knowledge is also given.

3. Complete Internship: After doing Diploma or Degree course in Forensic Science, you can also do Master. If you have completed your graduation degree in Forensic Science, then after this you will

It is necessary to do internship course. You can become a forensic doctor only after doing an internship course. Internship course for at least 6 months or. They last up to a year. After completing these courses you become a forensic doctor.

Forensic Doctor Salary  :

Forensic doctor salary in india:

The salary of a forensic doctor ranges from Rs 30000 per month to Rs 35000 per month (salary of forensic doctor in India per month). Their salary also increases with experience.