How to become LIC ADO?

Today’s topic is, how to become LIC ADO ? LIC is a very old and reliable insurance company of India, which provides life insurance to people. Many people work in this LIC company. In this, LIC company issues notifications for different posts.

Many people want to work in LIC company, but they do not know what they have to do to get a job in LIC company. So today’s post is for those people who want to become LIC Development officer. Through this post, we are going to tell you in detail about what is LIC Development Officer, what is the qualification required to become LIC Development Officer, how to become LIC Development Officer, their salary and other topics. Read this post till the end, so that you can get answers to all your questions.

Work of Development Officer in LIC  :

The main job of LIC Development Officer is to recruit LIC Agents and inspect the insurance policies.

Eligibility to become LIC Development Officer :

• To become LIC Development Officer, the applicant must have completed graduation in any field.

• LIC ado age limit: Minimum age of the candidate should be between 21 years to maximum age of 31 years.

• Applicant must be a citizen of India only.

• Applicant should have 2 years of work experience in any insurance company.

How to become LIC Development Officer?

To become a LIC Development Officer, one has to appear for ADO exam. There are two stages of this examination.

Step 1 – Apply for Online Examination

• LIC releases notification for the post of LIC Development Officer every year. Apply online when you get the notification.

• On applying online, an examination charge of Rs 600 will have to be paid.

• Pass the ADO exam after filling the online form.

 Step 2- Pass the interview-

• Candidates who pass the ADO exam are called for interview. Which is the last step to become an Apprentice Development officer (ADO) of LIC.

• After passing the interview of Apprentice Development Officer, you also undergo a medical test.

• After that you are given the Appointment letter of Apprentice Development officer.

• After passing these two stages, you can easily become LIC Development officer.

LIC Development Officer Salary :

This post of LIC is very high, hence their salary is also quite good. Development officer in LIC gets a salary of Rs 20000 to 25000 per month . And their salary also increases with the experience of the person.