What is civil engineer?

 After studying civil engineering, you can become a professional engineer.  The job of a civil engineer is to design and construct a building, house, road, pond, canal, railway station, airport or many types of buildings.  Whenever you go to get the design or plan of your house made, the civil engineer makes complete measurements of where the kitchen will be, where the hall will be built, where the bathroom will be, how many rooms there will be, how many floors the house will have.

 Along with making the design of the house, the civil engineer also calculates how much brick, stone, gravel, cement etc. material will be used in it and tells you that the roads, buildings, houses or any type of government building built in the cities are all made by civil engineers.

 People from middle class families mostly just get the house plan made by a civil engineer.  After that, they get the construction work of the house done by other artisans at their own expense.  At the same time, rich people give the entire responsibility of the construction of any house building to the civil engineer in the form of a project, after this the civil engineer looks after the entire construction work.

 When you go to visit the city, you must have seen many types of beautiful houses, buildings etc.  It is the wonder of a civil engineer that he prepares a good design based on his creative thinking.

How to become a Civil Engineer?

 The journey of becoming a civil engineer starts from 10th class itself.  If you are studying or have completed 10th class, then you can start your journey of becoming a civil engineer from then onwards.  For this you have to keep in mind some of the points mentioned below.

Diploma after 10th Class :

 If you want to do civil engineering only after studying 10th class, then you can do diploma in civil engineering in any polytechnic college.  There are some polytechnic colleges where it is necessary for you to give the entrance exam.  This diploma course is of 3 years, after completing it you become Junior Civil Engineer.

Pass 12th Class in Science Stream :

 If you want to do a degree in Civil Engineering, then for this you must have passed 12th.  In 12th Class you can have Physics Chemistry Biology and Mathematics subjects.  You have to pass 12th Class with minimum 60% marks.  After that you can give entrance exam for civil engineering.

Pass the entrance exam with good rank  :

 After passing 12th class with good marks, you can take admission in B.Tech.  For this, you can give some important entrance exams conducted at India level like JEE, MAIN, IIT, AIEEE etc.  You have to get a very good rank in these exams.  Because of this you will get admission in a good college.  This whole process is very difficult but it has to be done to become a civil engineer.

 Even at the state level, many entrance exams are conducted by different state governments.  You can apply inside them also.  After appearing for the entrance exam, you will have to participate in the counseling process, there you will find your college.

Complete a civil engineering degree :

 After the Entrance Exam, when you get a college in the counseling process, then you have to study B.Tech.  This is a 4 year course, in which you are taught various types of things related to engineering like making the plan of a house, how much material is required, which thing is made at which place, all this.  After completing B.Tech degree in Civil Engineering, you become Senior Civil Engineer.

 Completing an Internship :

 When your B.Tech degree is completed, you have to complete your internship under a Professional Civil Engineer to gain practical knowledge.  Only after completion of internship you can apply for civil engineering posts.

Obtaining licenses and certificates :

 When you have completed internship then you need Civil Engineer License.  For this you must have minimum 5 years experience as a civil engineer.  After completion of the experience you will apply for the license.  After getting the license, you will become a Professional Civil Engineer.

Qualification to become a Civil Engineer  :

  • To become a civil engineer, it is necessary to pass 10th class.
  • It is necessary to have Physics, Chemistry, Math’s subjects in 12th class.
  • It is necessary to have 60% marks in 12th class.

types of civil engineers :

 There are two types of civil engineers, Senior Civil Engineer and Junior Civil Engineer.

Senior Civil Engineer :

After passing 12th Class with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects, you complete your B.Tech studies.  After completing 4 years B.Tech course, you complete internship and get about 5 years of experience, after that you become a Senior Civil Engineer.

 Junior Civil Engineer :

 After passing 10th class you can become an engineer.  For this you will have to clear Polytechnic Entrance Exam after 10th Class and after that complete 3 years Civil Engineering Diploma.  After completing this diploma you become Junior Civil Engineer.  After doing this diploma, you can easily apply for the post of Junior Civil Engineer in any government or private company.

Civil Engineer Salary :

 When a civil engineer starts his career, his salary ranges between Rs 15000 to Rs 25000 per month.  In some places it is higher and may be higher, but as your experience increases, your salary increases.  After gaining 4 to 5 years of experience, you can easily earn up to Rs 100000 per month as a civil engineer.

 This salary may be more or less depending on different cities, different projects and different companies.  If you get the contract of a big building as a civil engineer, then you earn a lot in it.

 If you have done a degree in Civil Engineering, then your starting salary can range from Rs 20000 to Rs 30000 per month.  If you have done Diploma in Civil Engineering then your starting salary can range from Rs 10000 to Rs 15000.