General is the highest-ranking position in the US Army.  While serving in this role, you have supreme authority as you are a four-star Army general officer.  The chain of command starts from Brigadier General to Major General and from Lieutenant General to General.  While serving in this prestigious position, you are responsible for ensuring that the army is ready for battle.  People who want to become generals typically have more than two decades of experience in the U.S. military.

What does a General do?

 A General of the US Army has to perform many duties.  They are in charge of overseeing the training and readiness of Army National Guard and Army Reserve units.  Instead of giving direct orders to soldiers, you are responsible for planning their missions and strategies.  In this role, they oversee the command of the army in times of war and peace.

How to become a General :

 Follow these steps to become a General:

1. Become an authority :

 Officers generally begin employment in the military after completing at least a bachelor’s degree.  You can also become an officer after years of experience as a service member of the military.  Many people interested in this role begin their career through one of these options:

  • Enrollment in a Service Academy
  • Completion of the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program
  • Apply after earning at least a bachelor’s degree
  • doing his job as a service member
  • Attending Officer Candidate School (OCS) after earning your degree

2. Prove your worth :

 While serving as an officer, you may have to undergo various assessments and assessments to determine your rank.  You can get more favourable reviews by making a good impression on higher-level executives.  As time goes on, you can gradually take on additional responsibilities.  If you want to become a general one day, you will have to prove that you have what it takes for a leadership position.

3. Gain experience :

 Most generals have at least two decades of experience in the military.  As you gain experience, higher-ranking officers may offer you the opportunity to move up in their ranks.  Before becoming a General, you have to become a Brigadier General, then a Major General, then a Lieutenant General and finally a General.

4. Get permission :

 The President has to nominate you before you can become a general.  Then, the US Senate needs to approve the decision.  Since the military sets limits on how many generals can serve at once, you will only get the opportunity to serve if another general retires or dies.  Typically, generals must retire when they turn 62.

skills for a general :

 If you want to eventually become a US Army general, you must have the following skills:

Communications :

 Generals need to have strong communication skills, especially when explaining plans and strategies to their units.  As well as being able to express your ideas verbally, in this role you will be dealing with a lot of written documents.  Much communication also involves being a good listener.  You need to be able to gather important information from other officers and ensure that you have a mutual understanding of every situation.

Dedication :

 Becoming a general essentially requires a lifelong commitment to the U.S. military.  This is an extremely prestigious role and only a select few receive this designation from the military.  If you want to become a general, you have to be completely immersed in your career.  You have to be willing to risk your life for your soldiers and make the best decisions for your country.

Intelligence :

 Working in this role requires a great deal of knowledge of how the military operates.  Likewise, you need to fully understand the current conflicts around the world and how they affect your citizens.  Being intelligent is also an essential part of making effective decisions and solving complex problems.  People in this role are constantly learning and increasing their knowledge of the world and foreign affairs.

Organization :

When serving as a general you have many people working under you.  Having organization skills can help you make sure everyone is getting proper training and following correct orders.  When coming up with a mission or plan, your organization skills can help you keep track of the many moving parts.

 Adaptability :

 While serving in the military you may be required to report for duty within a moment’s notice.  Generals need the ability to adapt to any situation.  Even though you may make a perfect plan, you may find that unexpected events happen all the time.  Your ability to be flexible can help you adapt to changes and problem-solve in stressful situations.


 Since a general has the highest ranking in the US military, it is clear that this role requires strong leadership skills.  If you aspire to become a general, you will need to be able to give direct orders and feel confident about your decisions.  Military leaders need to be confident, and professional, and have high standards for their soldiers.  You are essentially serving as the top commander and you need to be an effective role model.

General salary and job outlook

 According to FederalPay, the salary for an Army O-10 general is $197,302 a year.  When looking at the job outlook for this profession, you need to remember that the US Army is limited to 302 general officers, which means the job outlook for this role is unlikely to fluctuate.  The Army also allows only seven four-star generals to serve actively at a time.