Who is VDO?

 VDO is a government post under the Ministry of Rural Development.

 As is clear from the name, VDO is responsible for development works in villages.

 The government continuously tries to make the lives of people living in villages easier and better.

 Because of this, roads, schools, hospitals are built in many villages.

 New technologies related to farming are introduced.  All these tasks are done through VDO only.

What is the works of VDO?

 The works of VDO are like this-

 Making outline of development works together with Sarpanch.

 Review and monitor development work.

 To make the schemes run by the government reach the rural people.

 Supervising the work of Gram Sabha and Gram Panchayat

 Making arrangements for basic facilities like sanitation, drinking water, electricity in the village

 Making arrangements for agricultural needs like fertilizers, seeds and irrigation

 Maintenance of birth, death, marriage and other records

Difference between Sarpanch and VDO :

 Friends, you have just read what is the work of VDO.

 You might be thinking that all these works are done by the Sarpanch, Gram Sabha or Gram Panchayat members.  So how is VDO different from these?  Or why is VDO required?

 Friends, Sarpanch is a public representative elected by the public.

 Their tenure is of 5 years.

 A Sarpanch or Gram Panchayat looks after a village.

 VDO is a government post.

 A person can work in this position until promotion or retirement.

 There can be 4-5 villages under one VDO.

 You can call VDO the supervisor of the Sarpanch.

Qualification to become VDO :

  • The candidate must have passed 12th.
  • There is no limit on minimum marks in 12th.
  • The age limit is 18-40 years.
  • In some states, to become a VDO, candidates are also required to have a Diploma in Computer.
  • Friends, this was the qualification to become a VDO.
  • Apart from this, also keep in mind that you have to work in villages most of the time.
  • For this reason you should be prepared for rural life and its challenges.
  • If you are used to an urban and comfortable lifestyle, you may not like the village environment.
  • Means of transport are also limited in villages.
  • During the rains, even the roads in some remote villages become closed for traffic.
  • Sometimes in a disaster the VDO may have to work even at night.
  • Therefore, do not apply to become a VDO just because of the attraction of a government job.
  • Take any decision only after thinking carefully.

Selection process to become a VDO :

 To become a VDO a candidate has to go through three stages.  These stages are written exam, interview and physical fitness test.

 The written examination is of 80 marks.  It is divided like this

 Hindi Writing Test – 30 Questions

 Reasoning – 20 questions

 General Knowledge or General Awareness – 30 questions

 1-1 mark has been allotted for each question.  Time given for this exam is 90 minutes.

 After passing the written examination, interview is taken.

 Candidates who pass this stage also have to give a physical fitness test.

 This test consists of a 1 mile run, a long jump, a four mile bicycle ride and a 2 mile walk.

VDO training :

 Candidates who clear the three stages mentioned above are given training for about 6 months.

 After this, 2-3 villages are given under them.  After some time the number of villages is increased.

 What is the salary of VDO?

 Friends, even though the name of this job has the word officer, in effect it is a clerical job.

 Therefore the salary of a VDO is Rs 5,200-20200 with grade pay Rs 2,000.

 In this way a VDO gets a monthly salary of approximately Rs 22,500.

 But the good thing about this is that later on a VDO can be promoted to ADO, BDO and even higher posts.

How to become a VDO :

  • The full form of VDO is Village Development Officer.
  • The minimum qualification for this is 12th.
  • You can give VDO exam after passing 12th from any stream.
  • In some states, computer diploma is also necessary to become a VDO.
  • To become a VDO, one has to give written exam, interview and physical fitness test.
  • After passing all these exams, you become a VDO by taking training.
  • VDO looks after the development work happening in the villages.
  • The age limit to become a VDO is 18-40 years.
  • VDO’s salary is Rs 5,200-20,200 with grade Rs 2,000.