What is a toxicologist?

Toxicologist tries to understand the harmful effects of toxic substances through analytical and scientific techniques. Toxicologists try to understand what effect toxic chemicals, substances or their properties have on people, animals and the environment. Toxicologists use science to predict whether and how chemicals may cause harm and share that information to protect public health.

Responsibilities of Toxicologist :

  • A toxicologist’s vitals
  • It is the responsibility to separate toxic substances do, identify, measure and humans,
  • their effects on animals, plants or ecosystems  measuring harmful effects.
  • Let’s make rules to keep it.
  • In case of production or any accident safe use of poisonous substances
  • to give advice.
  • Toxicologists are required to ensure compliance with necessary safety laws, confidentiality and quality standards, and maintain a safe environment in laboratories.
  • Toxicologists have to maintain safety at all costs and follow protocols to ensure safe storage and use of chemicals.
  • Making research reports and helping other lab members to share together.
  • Necessary skill to become a toxicologist
  • Analytical skills to prepare accurate reports.
  • Correctness of scientific practice and equipment
  • Information Ability to work with patience, efficiency and focus.
  • Good communication, writing skills.
  • Ability to handle emotional and critical crime evidence.
  • Risk assessment.

How to become toxicologist?

First of all you have to study 10-2 Science, Biology, You must pass Physics and Biology with at least 55% marks.

 The second step towards your dream of becoming a toxicologist is the entrance exam process to pass on.

According to the rank of entrance exam you will get you will get admission in college, where you will have to appear for counselling.

After completing Bachelor’s degree, students can also do Master’s degree in it. It helps you to get a good post and good position in your career. Many industries prefer to select masters or PhD degree holders for toxicologists.

After completing your masters degree, you can start doing PhD or research in this field. With the help of research you can develop your skills.

Courses to become Toxicologist  :

  • Bachelor of Environmental Science
  • BSc Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology
  • BSc Analytical Science
  • BSc Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • BSc Pharmacology Toxicology
  • BSc Forensic and Toxicology Chemistry
  • BSc Environmental Science

Physical and Chemical Dynamics :

  • Emphasis
  • BSc Fire Science
  • BSc in Science
  • BSc in Toxicology

masters course :

  • MSc Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • MSc Toxicology
  • MSc Drug Toxicology and Safety Pharmacology
  • MSc Biology Specialization in Chemical and Environmental
  • MSc/ PG Diploma in Analytical Sciences
  • MSc Medical Toxicology
  • MSc Molecular Analytical

Sciences :

  • Master of Occupational Hygiene
  • and Toxicology
  • MS in Pharmacology and
  • Toxicology

India’s top Universities to become Texicology :

  • Madas University
  • SCMS Institute of Biosciences and Biotechnology Research and Development
  • Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut
  • Bhawans New Science College, Hyderabad
  • Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University
  • SCMS School of Technology and Management 
  • Jamia Hamdard, Delhi

Qualification :

  • If you have Diploma in Toxicologist or If you want to do Bachelor course then you have to pass 10, 2 with minimum 50%.
  • To become a toxicologist, you have to clear some entrance exams.
  • If you want to do a master’s course in toxicology, then you must have a bachelor’s degree.
  • To do master’s degree, you have to pass NEET-PG entrance exam.
  • To do a master’s degree abroad, you have to clear exams like GMAT/GRE. to happen.

Toxicologist salary in india :

  • Analytical Toxicologist – Rs 15-25 lakh per annum
  • Applied Toxicologist Rs 5-12 lakh per annum
  • Clinical Toxicologist Rs 12-14 lakh per annum
  • Veterinary Toxicologist Rs 8-10 lakh per annum
  • Persian Toxicologist – Rs 18-20 lakh per annum
  • Rs. per annum Environmental Toxicologist – Rs. 9-10
  • lakh per annum
  • Industrial Toxicologist Rs. 26-28 lakh per annum