Friends, in today’s article I will tell you what is RTO, how to become an RTO officer, what should be the qualification to become an RTO officer, and what is the salary of an RTO officer, so I will give you detailed information about all this, just read the entire article carefully.

 Friends, today we are going to tell you about such a government post in which you can make your future good by making a career.  So, friends, it is said that there are two types of people in the world: one who changes himself according to the world and the other who changes the world according to himself.  So friends, become such that you change yourself and the world too.

How to become an RTO officer:

 Friends, work hard so silently that success makes noise, and then you cannot wait for inspiration.  You will have to go after it yourself, so let us see how to become an RTO Officer.

 There is no direct selection for the post of RTO Officer, for this, you have to first get selected for the post of RTO or IMV.  After a few years, one is appointed to the post of RTO by promotion.  That is done by a department of the Indian Government and that is the RTO Officer.

 To become a Government Officer, you have to work very hard accordingly.  Only then you can become a government officer on a good post.  If you also want to become an RTO Officer, then you will have to work hard for this, because doing a government job is not as difficult as getting a government job is.

 To become an RTO Officer you have to fulfill some RTO Officer Eligibility.  Let us now tell you in detail about what are the requirements to become an RTO.

Educational qualification to become RTO :

 To become an RTO Officer, a candidate must have passed 10th.

 If you want to get a higher post in this then you should have passed Graduation.

 Both men and women can apply for RTO Officer.

 The age limit for RTO Officers should be between 21 to 30 years. What is the RTO Officer Selection Process?

 So friends, smelling your clothes is not a big deal, it is fun when your character smells, so see what is the selection process for an RTO Officer.

 To become an RTO Officer, the examination is conducted by the State Public Service Commission which is different for every state, similarly, there is a State Public Service Commission for every different state.  What is the selection process for an RTO Officer i.e. if someone has to apply, which exam does he have to appear in?

  • Written Exam
  • Physical Test
  • Interview

1 Written Exam :

 First of all, there is your written exam.  This exam is of 2 hours.  Its paper is of 200 marks.  In this, you are asked different types of questions on the following topics.

  • Economic and Social Development
  • English Language
  • History of India
  • Geography
  • General Science
  • Environment and Ecology
  • National and International Current Events

2 Physical Test :

 After the written exam, you have a physical test.  In this, you have to pass a physical test. If you are applying for a security-related job, then the standard of physical tests and medical tests is different and if you are applying for any other post, then its standard is different.

 In the Medical Test of RTO, your knees and feet are flat, toes are helical, bones are uneven somewhere, feet are arched, there is abnormality anywhere in the joints, chest should not be sunken in, muscles are raised and healthy, mental and physical health of the candidate should be good, ability to hear.  This type of test is done if the eyes are free from colour blindness or colour blackness, the distance vision and near vision of the eyes are normal, and the eyes do not have any problem even in a little light.

3 Interview :

 After passing both the exams you will have an interview.  And you are asked some questions.  In which the mental examination of the person is also done.  If the candidate passes it, he is selected.

How to prepare for RTO Exam :

 To prepare for the RTO Exam, first of all, set a timetable for your complete syllabus.  In which you can prepare for your different syllabus.  Prepare separately for the interview. As I have already told you, many students go to the interview and get rejected, so prepare well for the interview.

 If you do not know how questions will be asked in the interview and how to answer them, then you will find many Mock Interview videos on YouTube, in which RTO Officer Interview has been explained.  Focus especially on Dressing Sense and Personality Development in interview preparation.

  • General Awareness of the candidate should be good.
  • You should have good knowledge of English, Basic Math and General Knowledge
  • Make yourself so capable that if someone asks a question, he gets an immediate answer.
  • If you want, you can get information about RTO on the Internet.
  • To prepare for any exam, study according to a fixed timetable.
  • Must be aware of current affairs.  You should pay attention to current affairs and read about it.  For this, you can take the help of a newspaper.
  • Whenever you study, make points and read so that it becomes easier to revise.
  • Never hide your desire and always be ready to answer questions
  • Get different question papers made again and again by someone else and then solve his questions.
  • If you do not find the answer to any question, you can get help from the Internet.

Salary of RTO Officer :

 Yes, many ranks are included in the salary of an RTO Officer and it varies according to the RTO Officer Rank.  The salary of RTO Officer is very good and it ranges from Rs 20,000 to Rs 40,000.  This means that as you gain experience in work, your salary will also increase, so first you should pay attention to your work, only then your salary will also increase.