The Indian Army is an army that protects India and is deployed inside the country and on all the borders of the country.  The Indian Army stands firmly at the doors of other countries bordering India so that enemy countries do not attack India.

 There are mainly 3 parts in the Indian Army.  First is Army, second is Navy and third is Air Force.  The Army works on land, while the Navy works underwater and the Air Force destroys the enemy in the air through fighter aircraft.  And prevents the enemy from coming.  There are army chiefs of all three armies.  Apart from this, the Indian Army Chief is the head of various types of small units, the head of the army at any particular place, etc.  Every officer who commands the Indian Army is called an Indian Army Officer.

Qualification to become Indian Army Officer –

  • The applicant must be a citizen of India.
  • To become an Indian Army officer, it is necessary to be unmarried.
  • Must have passed at least 10th or 12th class.
  • The weight of the applicant should be at least 50 kg.
  • The chest width of the applicants should be at least 77 centimetres.
  • The eyesight of the applicant should be 6-6.
  • The height of the applicant should be 170 centimetres.
  • The candidate must be mentally healthy.
  • The person applying should be physically healthy and strong.
  • Graduation is mandatory for Indian Army officer posts in NDA, CDS and Territorial Army.
  • The age of the candidate should be a minimum of 18 years and a maximum of 25 years.
  • People from reserved categories are given relaxation in age limit.

How to become Indian Army officer ?

 Every youth in the country wants to serve the country by becoming an officer in the Indian Army.  In the present times, you can see that the entire country is proud of the soldiers who contribute to the country and die for the country through social media and newspapers.  In this context, every youth in the country wants to serve the country by becoming an officer in the Indian Army, but they do not get the correct information.  That is why we are telling you how to become an officer in the Indian Army. 

1. First pass 12th –

If your dream is to become an officer in the Indian Army, then first of all you should pass 12th class.  Also, keep in mind that it is mandatory to get good marks in class 12th.  At least you can pass the 12th class with 50% marks so that you can get the post of officer in the Indian Army in future.

2. Fill out the Army Officer Exam Form –

 To become an Army officer, first of all, you have to fill out the application form for the examination conducted by UPSC.  UPSC invites applications for appointment to various posts in the Army.  You can apply for whatever post you want to become an officer.

 3. Prepare for the exam –

 If you want to become an officer in the Indian Army, then your General Knowledge should be very strong because the exam to become an officer in the Indian Army is conducted by UPSC, in which 50% of the questions are related to General Knowledge while the remaining 50% of the questions are related to Mathematics.  Belong to.  You have to give this exam well in 1 hour, only then you will be able to pass this exam.

4. Be aware of Army Exam –

 When is the army exam?  Be aware of this.  Once you apply, the exam dates are announced thereafter.  To take the exam on that day, you have to study different types of subjects and work hard to take the exam, only then you will be able to pass the exam.

 5. Pass the physical test –

 Once you successfully pass this exam to become an Army officer, then you are called for the physical test.  Where you are physically tested.  Like running, jumping etc.  An Army officer must run 1600 meters in 5 minutes.  If you run 1600 meters within 5 meters, then you get selected in this physical test also.

 6. Complete a medical test —

 After completing the examination and physical test, your medical test is done.  This is the most important test because all the parts of your body are examined in it.  All parts of your body may or may not function properly.  In this regard, medical tests are done in which your blood group, ears, eyes, nose, feet, hands, brain, chest, fingers, etc. all the body parts are examined.  If all the parts of your body are healthy and perfect?  So you also pass the medical test.

 7. Verify the documents –

 After completing the medical test, you are required to get all your necessary and important documents verified.  When you go to get your documents verified.  Then you have to reach with your 12th mark sheet, caste certificate, character certificate, residence certificate, home address, identity card and all related certificates.  After checking all your certificates and documents, your document is verified if it is correct,

8. Do Army Officer Training –

 After document verification, you will have to undergo training to become an Indian Army officer.  All the procedures and methods have to be completed as per the training prescribed by the Indian Army for Army Officers.  After document verification, your job gets confirmed, but after completing 6 months or 1 year of training, you are made an officer of the Indian Army.  Now you can serve your country.

The benefits of becoming an Indian Army Officer are –

  • After becoming an Indian Army officer, you get respect in the society and country.
  • Financial security is provided because even when you retire, you still have a chance of getting a job.
  • After becoming an officer, one can pursue higher education.
  • While doing this work you are called brave soldiers of India.
  • Indian Army officers are called the protectors of the country and the guardians of the motherland.
  • After becoming an officer you get a good salary.
  • Children of Army officers are given special facilities in big educational institutions in the country.
  • An Army officer works only for the progress of the country throughout his life.
  • Various types of facilities, bonuses and honours are provided by the government.

Indian Army Officer Salary 2024 —

 The post of officer in the Indian Army is considered a special post because only the Indian Army officers handle the responsibility of the security of the country and from time to time give important directions and work on their responsibilities.  That is why if you become an Indian Army officer, then after being appointed to this prestigious post, you are easily given Rs 50000 to Rs 1.5 lakh every month.  Apart from this, various types of bonuses and important facilities are given by the government.