This is a maritime organ, which with its glorious history protects not only the Indian maritime boundaries but also the Indian civilization and culture. The Indian Navy was established in 1612 AD, and the country that established it is India.  In 1685 AD it was named ‘Mumbai Marriage’ which continued till 1830 AD.  After this, on 8 September 1934 AD, the Indian Naval Discipline Act was passed in the Indian Legislative Council and the Royal Indian Navy came into existence.  During World War II, the Navy expanded and the number of officers and soldiers increased from 2,000 to 30,000.

How to become an Indian Navy officer :

 Many of you would know that becoming an officer in the Indian Navy provides an attractive career.  Well, getting into the Indian Navy is not so easy, because for this you have to pass the written examination, after which you are called for an interview. This examination is conducted by UPSC.

 1. Pass 12th with good marks :

 If you want to become an Indian Army officer, then first of all you must pass 12th, and in 12th it is also mandatory for you to study maths, physics, chemistry, and English subjects.  So first of all you should pass 12th with good marks so that there is no problem in future.

2. Apply Indian Navy Exam Form :

 The written examination of the Army is conducted by UPSC, that is, UPSC itself brings out the Indian Navy form, so whenever the Indian Army officer form comes, you can fill it.  Only after this, your Indian Navy exam will be held.

 3. Give the Indian Navy exam well :

 So as soon as you fill out the form, its date comes and after that, the written examination is taken.  The written examination for the Army is quite difficult because it is conducted by UPSC.  In which you are asked questions about math, general knowledge, English, science and reasoning.  For which you get only 1 hour time.  Apart from this, 0.25 negative marking is also done for every wrong answer in the exam.  So you take this exam well and pass it.

4. Clear the physical test :

 If you pass the written exam then after that you are called for a physical test, in this your running, chest and height are all tested, so you just have to clear this also, and then you clear the physical test.

5. Clear the Medical Test :

 So as soon as your physical test is cleared, you are called for the medical test.  During this, your body parts are checked whether they are correct or not.  Body parts mean that everything is checked in it, like your mental balance, eyes, nose, ears body fractures etc. are fine or not, all these things are checked.

6. Clear the interview :

 Friends, the last test is the interview, not everyone can pass it because the interviewer in front asks very amazing questions but most people are not able to answer these questions. In this, the interviewer asks about you.  And they try to know as much as possible about your mental balance so that you pass your interview.

7. You become an Indian Navy officer :

 So as soon as you clear all this, you become an Indian Navy officer, and immediately after that you are given training which is for 1 year.  After that, you can join duty.  So in this way, you can become an Indian Navy officer.

What is the qualification to become an Indian Navy officer?

 Friends, now let us talk about what qualifications you should have to become an officer in the Indian Navy. To become an officer in the Indian Navy, the candidate must have the following qualifications: –

  • The candidate must have passed 12th from any school or college.
  • Any candidate who wants to become an Indian Navy officer is mandatory to study subjects like Physics and Science in 12th.
  • Also, they must have passed the 12th class with at least 60% marks.
  • Most importantly, they must be Indian.
  • There should not be any police case against him.
  • The post of Indian Navy Officer is such a post, in which you need to pay attention to physical fitness along with educational qualifications.
  • In this, any candidate who wants to become an Indian Navy officer needs to pay attention to their height, weight, eyesight, chest measurement, and physical and mental fitness.

For men:-

Friends, you know that both men and women can become Indian NavY officers, but the qualifications for both are different, which is as follows for men.

  • The length should be 162.5 centimetres.
  • Their weight should be according to their height.
  • The eye vision of the candidate should be 6/6 and 6/6.
  • The candidate’s chest measurement must be 80 cm without expansion and 85 cm after expansion.
  • The candidate must be healthy both physically and mentally.

For Women :-

 Friends, now let us talk about what should be the qualification of a woman to become an Indian Navy officer. Well, the qualification for women is something like this.

  • Their height should be a minimum of 152 centimetres.
  • Their body weight must be as per their height.
  • His eye vision should be 6/6 and 6/6.
  • The candidate must be completely physically and mentally fit.

Age Limit :

 Any candidate who wants to become an Indian Army officer should have a minimum age of 17 years and a maximum of 19 years.  In this, there is a provision of some relaxation in age for the people of reserved category.

Indian Navy Officer Salary :

 The salary of an Indian Navy Officer may vary according to his post.  When Indian Navy officers are given training, after that they get a monthly salary ranging from Rs  21,700 to Rs  69,100.  Apart from this, they are also given other government facilities and allowances are also given to them.  And as time passes, your salary also increases and your family members also get facilities from the government.

Benefits of becoming an Indian Navy officer :

 Friends, now let us talk about what are the benefits of becoming an officer in the Indian Navy, which every student wants to do. Well, becoming an officer in the Indian Navy can have the following benefits: –

  • They get the benefit of 60 days of annual leave and 20 days of casual leave in a year.
  • Naval officers and their family members are entitled to free travel by rail or air once a year on leave.
  • Health facilities are also provided to the Navy officers and their families, if for any reason their health deteriorates then their family members are also given international-level medical care.
  • Navy officers can go to submarines and many ports.
  • Many entertainment facilities are also provided to these officers.
  • They also get the opportunity to rest from time to time.
  • Their accommodation and residential areas are located at such places where there are markets, ATMs, playgrounds, swimming pools, gyms etc.  It should be near their residence so that they never face any problems.