Who are Para Commandos?

 Para Commando is a special forces unit of the Parachute Regiment of the Indian Army.  Para commandos carry out the toughest tasks like special operations, direct action, hostage problem, anti terrorist operations, unconventional attacks, special military training, etc.  Like Para Commandos, Navy also has MARCOS and Air Force has Garud Commandos.  It has successfully completed many important operations of the country.

How to become a para commando?

 Para Commando is one of the most dangerous army units of India.  This unit was formed on 1 July 1966.  Their main objective is only to provide security to the country from terrorists attacking the country internally and externally.  Para Commando is an army unit which carries parachutes.  There are about 9 battalions of Para Commandos in the Indian Army.  At present, the current Colonel of the Parachute Regiment is Lieutenant General Paramjit Singh Sangha.

 To become a Para Commando, you have to join any battalion of the Indian Army as a soldier.  After which you are selected by the Para Commando officers.  You have two options to join Para Commando.  In which the first option is direct recruitment and the second option is through Indian Army.

 Through direct recruitment, only eligible candidates are selected for training by organizing army rallies.  For this, candidates are required to be very strong physically.  Whereas to join Para Commando while holding the rank of a soldier in the Indian Army, the candidate has to first get a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) written by the commander of his regiment.  After which you can be selected for Para Commando.

 Once you are selected as a para commando.  So after that you have to go through a period of training.  As you all know that army training is very difficult, but when you become a para commando then your training becomes even more dangerous.  During this training only 10% candidates are qualified for Para Commando.  Para commandos have to spend a total of 3 months at the commando center for training.  But it takes 6 months for the training of Para Commando Special Force.  Let us give you information about the work done by Para Commandos every day.

Para Commando Qualification :

 Para commando kaise bane For this, one of the first requirements regarding joining Para Regiment is that you must be a member of the Indian Army.  For there, if any vacancies are available, soldiers can apply for Para Regiment.  The qualifications to become a Para Commando are as follows:

 Nationality – Candidates must be a citizen of India, or a subject of Nepal or Bhutan, a Tibetan refugee with the intention of permanently settling in India before January 1, 1962, or a person of Indian origin who has migrated.  From the countries specified below with the intention of permanently settling in India.

 Age – The minimum acceptable age for the candidates is 16.5 years while the maximum acceptable age is 19.5 years.

 Marital Status – Candidates must be unmarried to be eligible for Para Commando Recruitment 2021.  The vacancies are available for male candidates only.

 Physical Measurements – The height of the candidates should be at least 157 cm to join the Army, Navy and Naval Academy and at least 162.5 cm to join the Air Force.

para commando training schedule :

 The information about Para Commandos training schedule is given below-

 The day of any para commando starts between 3:00 to 4:00 in the morning.  Every day he has to run 20 kilometers carrying 60 to 65 kilograms of weight on his body.

 When you go for paratrooper training as a para commando, you are given training at the Air Force Training School in Agra.  Where soldiers have to jump 50 times from 33000 feet.

 Apart from this, para commandos are also given training in fighting in water.  For this, soldiers have to undergo training at the Navy’s Driving Training School, Kochi.

 After about a month of physically preparing the candidates, the soldiers are given training in using weapons.

 With time, training is also imparted to fight difficult situations and help people.

 Soldiers are also given training in Taekwondo to fight the enemies.

 After completion of basic training, they have to undergo training for about 3 and a half years including work and training.

para commando salary :

 Para Commando Kaise Bane is given a very good salary according to his work.  Para Commando soldiers get a salary of more than Rs 10 lakh every year.  Apart from this, they are given all the facilities and benefits given in the army.