Friends, first of all, we will talk about what IAS is.  The full form of IAS is ‘Indian Administrative Service’.  Its full form in Hindi is ‘Indian Administrative Service’.  He is a member of a permanent executive, which is called bureaucracy.  IAS officer holds the highest position in the civil service.  Only qualified students can reach this post, who can work hard and have dedication.

 IAS is considered to be the highest-ranking officer in the Indian administration.  In India, this post is considered the most respectable and preferential post.  When it comes to the security of the country, India and the security of the district, only a senior IAS officer is appointed.  Today we will know in complete detail about IAS Kaise Bane.  If you also want to become an IAS, then read this article completely.

Qualification to become IAS :

 Now we will talk about how to become an IAS and what qualification is required to become an IAS.  Many people want to become an IAS, but they do not know what educational qualifications are required to become an IAS.

 First of all, you should pass 10th.

 After that, you have to pass 12th from any stream.

 After completing the 12th, you must graduate from any faculty.

 After graduation, you can apply for IAS from the UPSC portal.

 There are three stages of examination.

 Have to pass prelims.

 After passing Prelims you have to pass Mains (Main Exam).

 After passing both the exams you will have to clear the interview.

 If you pass all three stages of the examination, then you will have to go for training at LBSNAA Academy.

 After completion of training, you will be posted somewhere.  And you will become an IAS officer.

 To become an IAS, the maximum age limit for the General Category (Gen) is 32 years, for Extremely Backward Class (OBC) is 35 years and for Other Reserved Scheduled Castes / Scheduled Tribes (SC / ST) the maximum age limit is 37 years.

work of IAS :

 After knowing how to become an IAS and the qualification to become an IAS, now we will know what is the work of an IAS officer.  An IAS officer has the following duties.

  • He is a permanent executive member.  Therefore, it is the job of an IAS to maintain the law and order of the district in which he is posted.
  • Revenue-related work like collecting revenue etc. is the work of an IAS.
  • It is the job of an IAS officer to effectively implement the policies given by the judiciary.
  • It is the job of an IAS officer to implement the policies of the Central Government and State Government in the district.
  • Travelling from place to place to examine the policies of the Central Government and State Government is also an important job of an IAS officer.
  • An IAS officer has to work as a Chief Development Officer (CDO) or District Development Commissioner.
  • In making government policy, the Joint Secretary, and Deputy Secretary have an important role in giving advice and giving final shape to the policies.

IAS Officer Post :

 Now we know how to become IAS, the qualification for becoming IAS and the work of IAS.  Now let us talk about which posts are there in an IAS officer.  There are many types of posts for IAS officers also.

 S.D.O (Sub Divisional Officer), S.D.M (Sub Divisional Magistrate) Joint Collector, C.D.O (chief development officer) or Chief Development Officer.

 Chairman of the Board of Revenue, Member Board of Revenue

 Divisional Commissioner

Income (salary) of IAS :

 After knowing how to become an IAS, the qualification for the IAS, the post and its work, you will have this question in your mind, what is the salary of an IAS?  So let us know what is the salary of an IAS officer.

 The salary of an IAS is Rs 56100 – 250000 per month.  Along with that, many facilities are provided by the government.  The district or state in which IAS people are posted.  He is provided with a luxurious bungalow.  This facility is given even if posted in the District Commissioner or Headquarters. An IAS officer is provided with a minimum of 1 government vehicle and a maximum of 3 vehicles.  The government is responsible for fuel and other things for the vehicle.