Who is  post officer?

 Every employee working in Indian Post i.e. Indian Postal Department is called Post Officer.  The officer who distributes mail is also called a post officer.  However, in common language, it is also called postman.  What work can a student do to become a post officer?  We will try our best to give you this information through this article.

Qualification required to become a post officer :

Candidates who want to become a post officer.  Those candidates have to keep in mind many types of qualifications.  The qualifications required to become a post officer are given below:

All employees becoming post officers will first have to fulfil the criteria for Indian citizenship.  Employees who are citizens of India.  He will get a chance to become a post officer.

It is mandatory for the employee applying for post office recruitment to be between 18 years to 40 years of age.

The applicant must be completely healthy mentally and physically.

The applicant should have excellent knowledge of computers and along with excellent knowledge of computers, it is necessary to do MSCIT and CCC courses.

The applicant must have a minimum graduation degree. Only after graduation degree, you will be able to apply for the post of officer.

The candidate should not have any criminal record even though this police verification certificate claims no criminal record.  This is a document asked after you pass the written exam.

Documents required to become a post officer :

 Based on vacant posts, the government regularly organizes different recruitments for the posts in the post office.  You can become a post officer by applying your application in those recruitments.  The documents required to become a post officer are given below:

  • applicant’s Aadhar card
  • passport size photograph
  • bank passbook
  • Basic address proof
  • graduation certificate
  • Computer Diploma Certificate

How to become a post officer?

 Employees who dream of becoming post officers have to prepare in many ways.  First of all, employees must first obtain a graduation degree.  You are eligible to become a post officer only after completing your graduation degree.

Earn a Graduation Degree :

 To become a post officer, a candidate must first obtain a graduation degree with any stream after passing the 12th class.  The student has to have a graduation degree in any subject stream with good marks.  Because a graduation degree is considered as the minimum qualification for a student to become a Post Officer. However, in olden times, no graduation degree was required to become a postman.  Currently, based on the new criteria, you will be able to apply to become a postman even with a graduation degree.

Apply for the recruitment done by the government :

 When the student completes the graduation degree.  So after that, recruitment is regularly organized by the government as per the vacant posts for the students to become post officers.  You should prepare for the recruitment examination by applying for those vacancies.

Preparation for the Post Officer Recruitment Exam :

 When a candidate applies for the recruitment for the post of Post Officer, then the student should prepare well by understanding the exam syllabus and exam pattern.  Because at present there is a lot of competition for every post in India.

 At present, there is tremendous competition for government jobs and the post of peon.  In such a situation, you should study for five to six hours regularly and read the complete syllabus of the Post Officer Recruitment Examination and after that, you have to clear the Post Office Examination.

pass the interview exam :

 When students pass the written paper of postal recruitment.  So after that, interviews are also organized for post-officer recruitment to be conducted for some special posts.  In such a situation, to get those posts you will have to go through the interview process.  After the interview process, the final merit list is announced and based on that you are selected and called for document verification.

document verification :

 The candidates who apply for the recruitment of Post Officer Bandh pass that exam.  So after that as the next step, the candidates are called for document verification.  At this time, the candidate will have to submit the police verification certificate along with his normal documents to the department.  Police Verification Certificate should not mean any kind of case against you.

What is the salary of a post officer?

 When the candidate gets employed in the post of Post Officer.  So after that, while working in the post of Post Officer, the candidate is given a basic salary and many types of government allowances.  The candidate wants to know the salary before applying for the recruitment.  Because the main objective of every government job candidate is to earn money.

 In such a situation, if we talk about the salary of a post officer, then initially the basic salary ranging from Rs 20000 to Rs 38000 is provided to the candidates working in the post office.  After this, the candidate gets promoted.  Along with this, the basic salary keeps increasing.  Along with the basic salary, the candidate is provided government allowances such as dearness allowance, house rent allowance, travelling allowance, petrol allowance, newspaper allowance etc.